The Debacle in DeBary: Time to take a stand

I encourage all members of the Barker’s View team to join me in supporting DeBary’s elected Mayor, Clint Johnson, on this morning’s courageous announcement that he will not participate in the city’s illegal special election to name his successor.

Find Mayor Johnson’s announcement here:

As everyone with a detectable pulse knows, this summer, the Fraudulent Four of the DeBary City Council intentionally misinterpreted provisions of the city’s charter – coupled with outright lies and deceitful “charges” cobbled together by disgraced former city manager Dan Parrott, and his toady, city attorney Kurt Ardaman.

To add a look of legitimacy to the charade – Ardaman snatched more taxpayer dollars to hire yet another outside law firm to prosecute the city’s “case” against Mayor Johnson.  When the table was set, they orchestrated a chilling kangaroo court where these filthy scam artists served as judge, jury and executioner.

Smart people stood by and witnessed what has been adopted by the Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders as the highest example of collective criminal insanity.

Four half-bright elected officials – each caught with their hand in the cookie jar – then led astray by perhaps the worst case of corrupt legal counsel ever perpetrated on a hapless elected body.

Just like that, the Fraudulent Four spit in the face of 240-years of sacred democratic principles and overturned the peoples vote like wiping something foul off their shoe.

Unbridled hubris.  Abject arrogance.

Now, the feckless vice mayor, Lita Handy-Peters, has temporarily clawed her way to power through a cheap coup d’etat.  For the time being, she sits in the catbird seat, regurgitating anything and everything Kurt Ardaman tells her to; all while pretending the citizens can’t see through her inept façade.

Don’t take my word for it – watch the meetings.

The unfortunate “interim mayor” snaps her head to take direction from Ardaman so frequently she looks like a Tourette’s victim.  It’s like watching some sick Pavlovian experiment – when it comes time to decide a question – Lita instinctively looks to her master like a chimp earning a peanut for combing his own hair.

The remainder of what passes for a city council sit on the dais and go through the motions like the haggard crew of a rudderless ship, while their embarrassment of an interim city manager, Ron McLemore, rocks himself to catatonia between pointless euphemisms that he thinks make him look wise.

To the long-suffering citizens of DeBary I say – hold on.  The worm is beginning to turn on this macabre cartoon.

Soon a legitimate circuit court judge will have the opportunity to review the powerful Writ of Certiorari so gracefully constructed by Johnson’s attorney, Doug Daniels.

Once a genuine jurist sinks his teeth into the heart of this con – trust me – things will change at DeBary City Hall.

Add to that the pending ethics inquiry and on-going criminal investigations by the Office of the State Attorney and the Florida Department of Law Enforcement and one gets the idea that things are about to get very interesting for Lita and the boys.

I also have it on good authority that the council’s old partner-in-crime, Long John Miklos, is about to have a Come to Jesus experience with the Florida Commission on Ethics – let’s wait and see.

Yes, our system of “Justice” takes a while to spool up – but once it does – it can be a magnificent thing to watch.

With any luck, these conspiratorial assholes will finally be hauled before the court for openly perverting our democratic system to hide their collective crimes – and several highly placed staff members will shudder every time the doorbell rings, hoping against hope that it’s not a United States Marshal with an arrest warrant.

For instance, Roger Van Auker and Eric Frankton should remember:  There is no such thing as paranoia.  Your worst career fears can and will come true.  And Kurt Ardaman’s ‘legal’ career will become a sad cautionary tale taught in law schools around the globe.

I hope all citizens of DeBary will join with your duly elected mayor and boycott this illegal and incredibly expensive ‘special election.’  In my view, to participate by casting your sacred vote only serves to legitimize the Fraudulent Four’s outrageous acts against our constitutionally protected rights and democratic values.

Besides – these giddy bastards have had their twisted way with all we hold dear for too long – and who’s to say they won’t simply overturn your future choice when it serves their own self-interests?

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