Volusia County Manager and County Attorney receive pay raises. . .

This best exemplifies why NOT ONE incumbent on the County Council deserves re-election! NOT ONE!

It is simply incomprehensible that any sane and conscious being could drive around Volusia County (especially the core “tourist” areas of our centerpiece – Daytona Beach) and not be utterly horrified.

Anyone who can read the printed word and think critically cannot help but be moved to uncontrolled rage by the Council’s continued pandering to a few wealthy and influential insiders, multi-million dollar giveaways, lawsuits against their own constituents, open bullying by the County Attorney’s office, our cartoon character of a Council Chair, the sheer arrogance of the County Manager, and the Council’s continued indifference to the needs and opinions of those they serve.

These people are incapable of shame and represent all that’s wrong with Volusia County. Now, we stand by and watch while they are rewarded with our hard-earned money for following the commands of their masters – and I am not referring to our elected officials. . .

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