Reef balls. . .

August 2015

Mark Lane has a good op-ed in today’s News-Journal exposing our half-bright County Council Chairman and his latest cockamamie scheme to line the pockets of his cheap suit at our expense.

Here’s a guy that can’t plumb a toilet – yet he’s come up with a $37-40 million dollar plan to restore Mosquito Lagoon by burying pipes under the barrier island and placing “reef balls” under private docks, ostensibly to foster marine growth.

So, Davis forms a not-for-profit with a friend and somehow gets a resolution supporting their completely unvetted idea before the County Council. No science. No engineering. No shit?

Then, in one of his typical fantasy opinions, County Attorney Dan Eckert said it’s ethically sound for the Council Chair to vote on his own outside ventures. Really? REALLY?. (In my view, Eckert’s complicity can no longer be ignored. He’s either paid for – or just dumb – but either way, he has no business representing the citizens of Volusia County.)

Fortunately, only Cusack and Wagner (speaking of the ethically challenged) voted with Davis to support the plan.

Of course, Davis said he wasn’t asking for money – just the Council’s “blessing.” My ass.

Is it possible that the level of abject corruption in County government has reached the tempo where these vile Greedheads no longer make even cursory attempts to hide it? Has their hubris reached a point where they openly lie and loot with total impunity?

In my opinion, Jason Davis and his elected co-conspirators are cheap thieves who have lost the capacity for shame. This band of scum continues to pervert the system for their personal gain – and for the enrichment of their uber-wealthy handlers who have bought and paid for them like pigs in a market. I shit on everything these swine stand for. If anyone in my sphere of influence votes to keep even one incumbent on the Volusia County Council – please “unfriend” me.  It’s time these cheap grifters learn that there is some shit we won’t eat.

Daytona Beach News-Journal – August 20, 2015

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