Game Over – You Lost…

Volusia County Manager Jim Dinneen has played the trump card.

On Saturday, in the wake of Property Appraiser Morgan Gilreath’s closing of his offices in the County Administration Building, Dinneen announced to the Daytona Beach News-Journal that he would close all operations at what has become the epicenter of the homeless debacle, perhaps permanently.

“We didn’t do this frivolously and we didn’t do it for effect,” Dinneen said. He added that the public bickering “wasn’t behind this decision. I wouldn’t do it that way. It looks like you’re retaliating, playing a game.”

Folks, this represents a direct slap in the face to every citizen of east Volusia County.

Of course Jim Dinneen closed the building for retaliation and effect – it’s the “nuclear option” – the “We’ll take our football and go home” strategy: Inconvenience thousands of east-side taxpayers to the point they heap so much hate on the City of Daytona Beach that they are forced to capitulate to the County’s demands.

It’s complete bullshit and the nadir of Jim Dinneen’s completely ineffectual reign as the worst executive in the history of Volusia County.  The only positive to this move is that Dinneen has now effectively set himself up as the sacrificial lamb when the political heat gets too much for our elected officials – and that will come sooner rather than later.  Trust me.

Perhaps more disturbing is that Councilman Josh Wagner has the temerity to accuse Morgan Gilreath of playing to the media!? That frigging blowhard has become the face and voice of that dysfunctional group of Shitheel’s in Deland – and if Wagner doesn’t realize that everyone identifies him as a massive part of the problem – then perhaps that tells us all we need to know about the Councilman’s political acumen. (And I thought his tactic of sleeping on the street for a few hours was the cheapest political stunt I’ve seen in a while – Wow. How low can these people sink?)

I also noted with interest that as Dinneen closes the administration building, he still plans to keep the affected public employees on the payroll by moving them to other offices around the County.

How is this possible?

If you’re no longer providing governmental services to the residents of east Volusia County in a manner and means that is convenient to the customer (look that word up, Mr. Dinneen – “Customer”) then the positions should be eliminated and taken out of the budget.  How typical of Dinneen’s arrogance to inconvenience the taxpayer while doing everything possible to accommodate the bureaucracy. . .

Another thought – where are our benevolent dictators when we need them? Not a word from Mori, Hyatt or Lesa! Maybe they’re busy erecting another monument to their own self-importance?

Why is it when the Big Three need something, the planet Earth stops revolving on its axis until the County Council publicly kisses the Triumvirates ass and ponies up tax dollars, incentives and giveaways like the good hired hands they are.

These three people hold in their hands the power to move political will with a mere phone call – or a nuanced suggestion in a public meeting – when it benefits their personal bottom line or that of an influential friend.  Yet when we need real leadership to get us out of a true quagmire that’s becoming increasingly embarrassing – a situation that is beginning to actually hurt “the brand” – we don’t hear a fucking peep.  Disgusting.

As viable, tax generating businesses continue to close, the response from Councilman Wagner speaks volumes to the mindset of our elected officials.  In a January 23, 2015, op-ed in the Daytona Beach News-Journal Mark Lane writes, “Replying to anger from the Downtown business community over his tent city proposal, Wagner was pretty dismissive. “Some of the arguments are flat-out silly. They just have a bad business model. It is not the homeless killing their business. The world has changed.”

I suggest that any potential investor in Downtown Daytona – or anywhere in Volusia County – chew on that statement long and hard before committing yourself to this sinking ship of fools.  I hate to sound hysterical, but if this growing debacle doesn’t speak directly to a disenfranchised electorate at the polls what will?…/160129761/101040



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