Rest in Peace, Antonio Brown

My daughter and son-in-law lost a dear friend in the atrocity in Orlando and my heart hurts for them tonight.

While I did not know Antonio personally, I do know his brother James (also a career Army officer).

This horror – this abomination – strengthens my resolve to protect my loved ones in the face of radical Islamic terrorism – or any son-of-a-bitch who dares to raise his hand in anger to hurt or kill me or mine.

I beg of all my friends to refuse to fall victim to anyone – for any reason – be it ideology or criminal intent.

Think deeply about your decision – and if you refuse to be a victim – then purchase a weapon and train, train and train to be the hardest person anyone ever tried to kill.

May God take and keep Antonio in his loving embrace.

And may God have mercy on the soul of any bastard from hell who considers harming me or mine.

Rest in Peace my brother. Rest in peace.

In God’s name I pray that we increase our collective resolve and defeat these motherless bastards now before more innocent lives are lost.

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