National Affairs: Jill Stein is an Idiot

Let’s face it, when you live in Volusia County, there’s plenty of material – political and otherwise – to keep your average opinion blogger busy for years.

That’s one reason I like to keep things local here on Barker’s View – never a dull moment.

But sometimes a situation arises on the national front that simply cannot be ignored.

Take, for example, the curious case of Dr. Jill Stein, the utterly failed “Green Party” presidential candidate, opportunistic Castro apologist, and full-time squirrel turd.

She’s had quite a week trying to eke her way back to some trace of political relevance.

While most of us were gathering around the Thanksgiving table, Stein and her following of brain-dead progressives – who remain utterly terrified by the prospect that thinking adults are finally taking charge – pushed a half-baked plan to force recounts in the battleground states of Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania.

Her evidence?  Something Stein calls, “statistical anomalies.”

A strange hogwash of dubious voter fraud and foreign intrigue, with no basis in fact, that even the “prominent computer scientists and election lawyers” she originally cited as supporting the measure are running from like scalded dogs.

Just like her loopy domestic policies, Stein wants everyone else to pay for her sour grapes.

Stein’s weird GoFundMe-style effort first asked donors for $2.5 million to fund the recount – but that paltry sum was quickly revised upward when Stein explained that amount only covered “filing fees.”

One would have thought that this obvious bait-and-switch would scare most away from this scam, but not our overwrought friends on the left.  No, when Stein arbitrarily hiked the price to $4.5 million they (read: Clinton supporters) compulsively responded like good little lemmings.  Naturally, leftist demagogue George Soros is in the mix as well.

Now, Stein has upped the target goal to $7 million.  Hey, why not?

I guess Thomas Tusser was right with his whole “fool and his money” thing. . .

After rightfully conceding, it now appears the rotting skeletal remains of the Clinton campaign has miraculously reanimated to give tacit support to Stein’s cockamamie attempt to clean her conscience after handing Donald Trump, well, Michigan and Wisconsin, during the general election.

Please understand, these recounts will not change the outcome in any of these states – and Clinton would need a clean sweep in all three to succeed.

Jill Stein knows it.  And so, does Hillary Clinton.

As I understand it – and I’m not sure that I do – the actual purpose of this bogus “recount” effort is much more sinister than ferreting out any “statistical anomalies” or malicious Russian hacking schemes.

It’s about fueling the maniacal “Not my President” sect, adding credence to the paid protesters wreaking havoc in our streets, cooing over the pouting snowflakes in places like Hampshire College, and weakening domestic and international confidence in our nations democratic system.

At the end of the day, it’s about undermining Donald J. Trump.

If Stein and Company demand a hand-count of the ballots cast – and she’s filed suit in Wisconsin to do just that – the time required may surpass the last day for certifying the official tally and directing Electoral College voters in these states.

If the Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania recounts all miss the deadline (or Stein’s legal challenges prevail) Trump will stand at 260 electoral votes, with Clinton at 231.

Neither would have the 270 votes required to officially win the election.

Should this happen, the matter would go before the United States Congress.  In that case, the House – casting one vote per state – would elect Donald Trump, and the Senate would select Mike Pence.

So, if the results are the same, why bother?

Why fan the hopes of those Mensa members still hoping-against-hope that Hillary has a chance to reverse the space/time continuum?

Because, if successful in hamstringing the system, Democrats and the various kooky fringe parties could then use the unusual process to further delegitimize a Trump presidency by insinuating that he was merely appointed by members of the majority Republican party – not the electorate.

In my view, intentionally obstructing our electoral process at this stage for stupid partisan posturing is patently un-American and contrary to our democratic principles.

It also doesn’t play well with Democrats who are just beginning the autopsy to determine exactly what led to their repudiation at the polls.  Even President Obama has expressed his displeasure as he works to ensure an orderly transition.

But when has any of that mattered to self-aggrandizing shitheels like Jill Stein?

Interestingly, for months before the election, Hillary Clinton and her supporters crowed ad nauseum about Trump’s “anti-democratic” refusal to confirm if he would accept his highly anticipated defeat with graciousness and simply go away.


These simpering bedwetters viciously railed against Donald Trump when he raised the possibility of Democratic voter fraud and system rigging.  They held him out as a “danger to democracy,” all while smirking with unbridled hubris, assured by their friends in the media that they had the election in the bag.

Then the unthinkable happened.

American voters in the fly-over states ignored the paid statisticians – and defied the babbling bubbleheads of a dishonest corporate media establishment gone berserk.

And they demanded change.

Real change.

Now, it appears Hillary and her Useful Idiot Jill Stein aren’t capable of accepting reality.

Not that they ever were.

Look, I’ve tried hard to be sympathetic to my left-leaning friends – it was a tough loss, I get it – and I hope they would afford me the same courtesy if the situation were reversed.

(They wouldn’t.  I’ve been dumped like a hot rock by “friends” on social media – and called a racist, misogynist, and homophobe – simply because of my choice in a presidential election.)

I thought that once they work through the stages of grief, most would find some level of acceptance (as I did during two consecutive Obama administrations) and let the healing begin.

Given the over-the-top gnashing of teeth and rending of garments that continues to play out on social media, college campuses, and during public “protests” around the nation, imagine what would have happened if Trump had in fact lost the election – then demanded an eleventh-hour recount under dubious circumstances which jeopardized the canonization of Hillary Clinton?

Anarchy.  Guaranteed.

The fact is, it’s time for the Democratic party, their humiliated media pollsters, and the skinny-jean wearing hyper-sensitive factions of the delusional socialist left to accept the fact that Donald J. Trump is our President-elect – and nothing is going to change that.

It is high time we look to the future, and leave egomaniacal stooges like Dr. Jill Stein on the ash heap of history where she so rightly belongs.






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