On Volusia: Bearing Witness Unto the Truth

“Please accept this letter as notice that the property at 900 N. Atlantic Avenue, is a beach side resort and full service hotel under franchise agreement with Hard Rock International.  Moreover, the luxury design of the hotel meets, and upon opening the operation of the hotel will meet, Hard Rock International’s aforementioned brand standards and franchise requirements, and comply with all operations and service requirements of Hard Rock. . .”

–Friday, February 23, 2018, letter from Hard Rock International to Volusia County Manager Jim Dinneen, ostensibly fulfilling the requirement for the permanent removal of our century-old heritage of beach driving for 410-linear feet behind the hotel.

“It’s going to be great for the people of Volusia County, having that quality of hotel in our area,” said Ed Kelley, Volusia County Council chair. “I never really had a ‘What if they didn’t do it’ plan, because I really was confident that they (Summit) would do what they said they would do all along.”

–Volusia County Council Chair and Shameless Corporate Shill Ed Kelley, speaking in the Daytona Beach News-Journal, Saturday, February 24, 2018

“Dinneen, meanwhile, praised the new Hard Rock as being as luxurious “as any hotel a hundred miles in any direction.  Our expectations were very high, and they went beyond that,” Dinneen said of the hotel’s developers.”

 —Daytona Beach News-Journal, “Hard Rock Daytona certified” – Saturday, February 24, 2018

The following photographs were taken at approximately 9:45am, Saturday, February 24, 2018, from the beach directly behind the Hard Rock Hotel Daytona Beach – a “4-Star” quality resort as determined and certified by the Hard Rock International corporation.

Those who hold high office and accept public funds to serve in the public interest would have us believe that this represents the very “jewel” of Daytona Beach resort hotels – as luxurious as any hotel within a hundred miles in any direction. . .

You be the judge.


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10 thoughts on “On Volusia: Bearing Witness Unto the Truth

  1. And the City of Daytona has awarded a Certificate of Occupancy?????? REALLY?????
    And Hard Rock finds this as “meeting their standards “???????? WOW……
    Looks like there will be a lot of “Wide Open Fun” in that empty splash(?) pool.. and remember to wear sturdy shoes or boots when negotiating the steps to the beach….
    Can’t even imagine how our other Daytona properties feel about hearing this is the “best in 100 miles”.
    Thank you, Mark, THANK YOU


    1. Thanks, Bill – I don’t know if the City of Daytona Beach has issued a CO – but it appears HR corporate is perfectly fine with this being the face of their newest resort hotel. Sad.


  2. Please give it a rest, it is not a Hard Rock Hotel, it is a hotel managed by Hard Rock Corp.
    You are lucky it is not owned and was not constructed by the Indians, Indian Hotels and Casinos and any facility owned by Indian tribes in America are not required to obtain any building permits, inspections or sign offs, they use their own engineers and are exempt from any local, state regulation. Plus, Indians can not be sued for any reasons.

    So give it a break. Enough of this nonsense.


  3. Thanks for never giving up Mark. It is sad that this is the “way business is done” in Volusia County. It’s embarrassing. I have to wonder what interests Mark Annitto is covering for? Certainly not anyone who will trust the name Hard Rock which IS on the sign out front when they overpay for a room in this crumbling house of cards.


  4. These are franchises using the hard rock name. Stayed at a horrible one in Punta Cana , wrote to hard rock corp and that is what we were told. Only the name, don’t let it fool you.


  5. This probably being the reason they don’t want anyone driving on the beach behind them.steel toe boots and hard hat required in the pool area ! Come on in the waters fine


  6. Would love to see the structural engineering report, asbestos testing, Daytona Building Official’s report and information that he used to say property is ok for occupancy. Or for construction to begin. Just from pictures, it looks like major structural remediation is necessary and newer building code laws are in effect and even the CCCL program requirements. These are all areas of concern that are not cheap and require indepth inspection and careful review by all involved. CCCL is huge.


  7. According to Hard Rock, the building will not meet the brand standards and franchise requirements UNTIL actual opening. According to the Hard Rock on-line reservations site, the motel isn’t taking reservations until March 1st, which remains to be seen by looking at the pictures.

    If the County pursues closing the beach on the 28th in full disregard for the time limit, I hope they can support their position in court, because thanks to you, there is enough local support for seeing them keep their word this time. Thank you Mark and Sons Of The Beach for trying to save what rightfully belongs to the citizens of Volusia County. It’s time to Take Back The Beach!!!


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