Best of Barker’s View: “This is what we were looking for. . .”

“It’s great,” city Redevelopment Director Reed Berger said.  “This is what we were looking for.  It’s something to do on the Boardwalk.”

–Daytona Beach News-Journal, “New Rides open on Daytona Boardwalk,” June 23, 2017

News networks around the world are leading with a story this morning – dateline Daytona Beach – reporting a derailment of the wobbly “Sand Blaster” roller coaster at the Boardwalk.

Early word shows multiple people injured and others were trapped in the wreckage until firefighters could conduct technical rescues overnight.

These photographs were taken one year ago – June 2017.

What’s changed?

Except “The World’s Most Famous Beach” is now the worldwide face of a near tragedy.

When will our ‘powers that be’ see that this dilapidation, blight and disrepair is damaging the “brand”?

When will our elected and appointed officials admit this abysmal state of affairs cannot continue?

My God…

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4 thoughts on “Best of Barker’s View: “This is what we were looking for. . .”

  1. Great photos! Makes you want to run to the beach & get on one of those awesome rides! I’m so surprised more people aren’t making Daytona a vacation destination! LMAO


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