Angels for November 23, 2018

Hi, kids!

It’s that time of the year when I am reminded of just how much I have to be thankful for.

Everyone who takes time from their busy lives to read these missives holds a very special place in my heart.  You returned a sense of purpose to my life when I really needed it, and you have shown me in the most remarkable way how the power of the written word can help motivate change and drive a larger discussion.

While we have many seemingly intractable problems here on Florida’s Fun Coast, we are also blessed with many grassroots advocates dedicated to protecting our environment, promoting responsible growth, maintaining beach driving and access, beautifying our community, preventing crime and victimization and ensuring a level playing field for everyone.

Unfortunately, all too often your activism and hard work is met with frustration – yet, you never quit standing tall for that which is right, and good and honorable.

I admire that.

Thank you for your service.

Thank you for helping.

Thank you for discussing the issues.

Thank you for standing for office.

Thank you for absorbing the slings and arrows of political criticism and pressing on.

Thank you for arguing with such passion and keeping me honest on the issues.

Thank you for your sense of humor.

Thank you for working hard to improve our quality of life.

Thank you for your kindness.

Thank you for your activism.

Thank you for never giving up on this beautiful place we call home.

Thank you for your friendship.

Thank you for reading Barker’s View.

I also want to thank all those who I’ve mentioned in these goofy essays over the past year – those, who in my warped view, tried to screw us and those who tried to save us this year.

While I realize it is a dubious distinction to appear in this space, please know that even if we disagree on the issues, in my view, you represent our “Movers & Shakers,” those who are actually in the arena striving hard to make a true difference in the life of our community – and I sincerely respect that.

If you didn’t make ‘the list’ this year – don’t worry, there’s always next year – and I’ve got an opinion on just about everything!

Just for today, you are all ‘angels’ in my book. . .

From Barker’s View HQ to all of you – here’s wishing all loyal readers and community leaders a very Happy Thanksgiving and a joyous Holiday Season!

2018 Barker’s View Honor Roll

Chairman Ed Kelley

Jim Chisholm

Patti Barker

Volusia United Educators

Dave Arcieri

Chief Craig Capri

Dan Eckert

Jeff Feasel

Paul Zimmerman

Larry Bartlett

Tom Leek

Tim Curtis

Gale Lemerand

Sheriff Michael Chitwood

Dr. Marie Herrmann

Jeff Boerger

Anne Ruby

International Speedway Corporation

Jim Dinneen

Pam Brangaccio

Fran Gordon

Claire Metz

Deb Denys

Pat Patterson

Chief Stephan Dembinsky

Rev. Fred Lowry

Billie Wheeler

Michael Arminio

Mike Scudiero

Amy Pyle

Brendan Hurley

Jane Shang


John Danio

The Root Family

Joe Petrock

Dr. Kent Sharples

Edison O. Jackson

Big John

Sheriff Rick Staley

Heather Post

Volusia CEO Business Alliance

Paul Holub, Jr.

Troy Kent

Charles Lichtigman

J. Hyatt & CiCi Brown

Mori & Forough Hossieni

Jim Purdy

Kevin Lowe

Marc Bernier


Susan Cerbone

Brian Pohl

Dustin Wyatt

Joanne Magley

Clay Ervin

Jim Morris

Rob Walsh

The Daytona Beach News-Journal

Abbas Abdulhussein

Brandy White

Penny Currie

Chris Nabicht

Ormond Proud

Ray Manchester

Summit Hospitality Group

Ric Goss

J. Powell Brown

Judge Angela Dempsey

Brown & Brown

Ofc. Kera Cantrell & River

First Step Shelter Board

Derrick Henry

Joe Forte

Sons of the Beach

Joyce Cusack

Joyce Shanahan

Pat Rice

Lewis Heaster

Dan Gaetz

Mike Dew

GeoSam Capital

Bob Dallari

Lesa France Kennedy

Tony Grippa

John Albright

Ormond Beach Observer

Maryam Ghyabi

Pat Northey

Ruth Trager

Joe Yarborough

Heidi Shipley

Roy Johnson

Don Miller

Jamie Seaman

Jim Landon

Bob Apgar

Thomas Kehoe

Mark Watts

Governor Rick Scott

Nick Conte

Judge Leah Case

Mary Synk

Sandy Kaufman

Bellaire Community Group

Steve Koenig

Weegie Kuendig

Clayton Park

Volusia County Professional Firefighters Association

Mike Springer

Chris Noe

Ray Shaffer, Jr.

Gus Massfeller

Gerald Monahan, Jr.

Ron Wright

Dr. Sara Zydowicz

Scott Kent

Mark Lane

Dan Parrott

Kurt Ardaman

John Miklos

Kassandra Blissett

Stacy Tebo

Greg Aiken

Dr. Jon Thogmartin

Richard Kelton

Bill Inklesbarger

Dennis Bayer

David A. Vukelja

George Recktenwald

Evelyn Fine

Lori Campbell Baker

Brownie the Town Dog

Peggy Belflower

Michael Booker

Lonnie Groot

Glen Storch

Glenn Ritchey

Henry Wolfond

Ted Doran

Carl Persis

Ida Wright

Pat & Chuck Gleichmann

Vanessa Blair-Lewis

Lyndsey Edwards

Christopher Durgin

Dr. Stephen Nelson

Patricia Nelson

Graig Pender

John Masiarczyk

Chris Via

Judge Dawn Fields

Paul Okumu

Jake Mays

Rosalyn Velasquez-Morales

Tom Russell

Judge Belle Schumann

Jennifer Chasteen

Clint Johnson

Richard Bryan

Anita Bradford

Mary McNally

Gwen Azama-Edwards

Mary G. Bennett

Chief Tomokie

Dr. Bud Fleuchaus

Art Giles

Dr. Hunter S. Thompson

Josh Wagner

Frank Bruno

Joie Alexander

Sandra Edmunds

Travis Hutson

Chief Frank Fabrizio

Dinah Voyles-Pulver

Linda Cuthbert

Rev. L. Ron Durham

Ben Johnson

John Penney

George Anderson

Ken Willis

Barbara Girtman

Jamie Pericola

Roger Edgcomb

Kimberly Aiken

The Taxpayers of Volusia County

Dan Hunt

Fred Costello

Lowell & Nancy Lohman

Anne Evans

Mark Geallis

Rob Merrell

Reed Berger

Jacob F. Bryan

Michelle Carter-Scott

Hubert Grimes

Mary Ann Trussell

Melody Johnson

Harry Jennings

Lisa Lewis

Troy Kent

Jim Tiller

Seth Robbins

Brian France

Elizabeth Albert

Tom Laputka

R. J. Larizza

Erika Benfield

Suzanne Hirt

Jon Cheney

Heidi Herzberg

Lola Gomez

Jim France

Theresa Doan

John Saunders

Chase Tramont

Tucker Harris

Dave Byron

Donald O. Burnette

Bob Ford

John Booker

Terry Sanders

Bill Hall

Dr. Kelly Long

Jason Yarborough

Mary Anne Connors

Ken Strickland

Jeff Brower

Luke Zona

Lee Rhyant

Allen Green

Gloria Max

Lynn Thompson

Sonja Wiles

Rob Gilliland

Aaron Delgado

Ron DeSantis

Tony Ledbetter

Ron McLemore

Lamar Burch

Ruben Colon

Mike Ignasiak

Thomas Tinsley

Krys Fluker

Charlie Lydecker

Alexey Lysich

Eddie Hennessey

Linda Smiley

Jay Cassens

Nancy Keefer

Jimmy Buffett

Jim Henderson

Teresa Rand

Gary Conroy

Katie Kustura

Mike Mullis

Bill Partington

Scott Edwards

Ken & Julie Sipes

Sheriff Guindi

Judy Grim

Sandy Kaufman

Kathy Maloney Johnson

Tracey Barlow

Amy Vogt

Megan O’Keefe

Joe Dugan

Dan Ryan

Chris Bridges

David Tucker

Tony Holt

Mark Lane

Jim Abbott

Tony Jarmusz

Eileen Zaffiro-Kean

Patricio Balona

Casmira Harrison

Denise Mott

Dwight Selby

Susan Persis

John Hill

Robert Baumer

John Walsh

Rob Littleton

David Glasser

Barry du Moulin

Those who cannot be named – you know who you are. . .







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