Earlier this week, in a social media post WNDB talk show host Marc Bernier referred to members of a growing grassroots effort to protect your family and mine from the predatory practices of this Oligarchy that passes for local governance here in Volusia County as CAVE People – Citizens Against Virtually Everything.

I happen to like Mr. Bernier, but we’re going to have to agree to disagree on this one – because nothing could be further from the truth.

The number of civically active citizens opposed to the Volusia County half-cent sales tax initiative is growing daily as our family, friends and neighbors – many of whom have never been politically active before – stand firm to the core belief that handing more of our hard-earned money to the same inept assholes that created this “infrastructure emergency” through unchecked sprawl and an exploitative corporate welfare culture is fundamentally wrong.

These active and engaged members of our community should be applauded for their efforts – not maligned and marginalized.

In my view, it is refreshing to see so many Volusia residents rising in unison against this bloated, plodding bureaucracy that now exists to serve the needs, wants and whims of millionaires who view our tax dollars not as a sacred responsibility, but as a means to an end.

It is the very essence of good citizenship to fightback – to scream ‘enough-is-enough’ – then begin the arduous process of reestablishing a government that serves all of its constituents as we work collaboratively to restore the public’s trust in our once-revered political processes.

It’s easy for our ‘powers that be’ to be dismissive of those who speak truth to power – who call bullshit and point out the inherent danger to our representative democracy of having a clique of incredibly influential power brokers at the Volusia CEO Business Alliance ramrod a sales tax scheme that will ultimately serve as an efficient pass-through from our pockets to theirs.

Watching these greedheads manipulate our elected officials like Edger Bergen’s dummy is not only embarrassing – it’s scary.

Think about it.

Have you ever seen a local sales tax initiative directed, funded and promoted almost exclusively by uber-wealthy insiders with an established profit motive?   

Have you ever seen our local politicians engage in such open electioneering – taking their marching orders from a highly paid shill hired to run an “education and marketing campaign” –  and openly promoting this shameless money grab to their constituents? 

Then, ask yourself – Why?

In coming weeks, We, The People will see a no-holds-barred push on social media – supported by an aggressive direct mail offensive – designed to sell this expensive sham to the citizens of Volusia County.

Don’t be fooled.

If you feel as I do that this parasitic, unaccountable and seemingly insatiable contrivance – a “government” in name only – now wholly controlled by a few uber-wealthy individuals and their corporate cronies that have made a cottage industry out of funding their private projects with public funds – then let’s stop enabling and perpetuating our own victimization.

I rarely tell anyone how to vote – but this is different.

Please VOTE NO! on the Volusia County half-cent sales tax scam.

Let’s let our elected officials and their puppet masters know that there is some shit we won’t eat – and begin the important process of returning trust and accountability to local government.

Vote No


(Photo Credit: The Daytona Beach News-Journal)


6 thoughts on “On Volusia: PLEASE VOTE NO!

  1. I agree with Barker on this.
    I have contacted our City officials and County officials and I suggested publishing a complete brochure with the list of projects to be fully funded by this tax increase. They have not done so.
    In San Antonio, TX, the City bonds $850. million dollars every 5 years for road, sewer, drainage and park improvement. The bond issue is voted on by the population of San Antonio. Two years ago, when put to vote, 78% of voters voted for it! That is because the City published a 30 page brochure with the projects named, put it in libraries to get it into taxpayers hands, and followed through on the list.
    I even sent the PDF San Antonio brochure list to all our local and County reps., and you guessed it, no one listened to me.
    I agree, vote no on this issue.


  2. You’re exactly right on this issue, Mark. With over $1 Billion spent along the ISB corridor within the last few years, over ½ of it publicly funded, what have we the people got to show for it? Wasted money on fancy new bridges at the I95/I4 interchange, a glitzy new “entertainment” venue to line the pockets of the France family and a few new or remodeled eating establishments by the mall. Continuing east of Nova the one bright spot is BCCU and when you come across the Broadway bridge the first imprssion of our once beautiful beachside is that of a slum. Our Council has certainly not used our money wisely up to this point, and I don’t belive they will do any better with another $40 million annually out of our pockets with this sales tax scam. I know that a good portion of it will come from visitors, but I for one am tired of this money spigot from the public and am ready ro shut it off unless, as Mark says above, they publish hard and fast rules as to where it is to be spent and sunsetted when that list is accomplished.
    I vote NO on the sales tax!


  3. As always, well said & right on! JUST SAY NO!! Screw these knuckleheads! They don’t listen at all – I don’t even bother to attend most CC meetings anymore at COB as I feel as though I’m dismissed before I speak – it’s not a very nice feeling – they need to feel some disrespect – this is the only way (besides the fact that they’re liars & I don’t want to give them anymore of my hard-earned cash!) – Thanks for keeping it real!


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