Barker’s View Honor Roll 2019

Hi, kids!

It’s time once again to turn a jaundiced eye toward the newsmakers of the day – the winners and losers – who, in my cynical opinion, either contributed to our quality of life, or detracted from it, in some significant way.

Let’s look at everyone who helped foster the success of this blog site during the past year as we proudly unveil the 2019 Barker’s View Honor Roll – the only award in Volusia County you can’t buy!

I’m fond of an expression that some purport to be an ancient Chinese curse: “May you live in interesting times.”

Be it a blessing or a bane, we long-suffering denizens of Florida’s fabled Fun Coast most definitely live in a fascinating era – something akin to the old Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride at Disney World – careening through a political maze, white knuckled, only to find the light at the end of the tunnel is an oncoming train. . .


But the one constant on this wacky political thrill ride is that, regardless of our unique hopes, dreams and vision, we all coexist on this salty piece of land, and, each in our own way, want what’s best for the place we call home.

From what The Daytona Beach News-Journal have dubbed our “Rich & Powerful,” the movers and shakers with infinite power and influence – to those of us who struggle mightily just to eke out a living in this weird economy – all while coughing up exorbitant taxes and fees – we are all collectively dedicated to the proposition that we can be better, that we deserve better.

So, it’s my pleasure to honor all those who fight the good fight – who persevere, overcome and make a life here in Volusia County – those who courageously stand for public office and endure the slings and arrows of harsh criticism – those who have devoted their professional lives to public service – and those who pay the bills and suffer in silence.

This includes those hardworking civic activists who fight valiantly, time and again, to protect our quality of life – from beach driving to environmental advocacy and beyond.  In my view, these grassroots efforts form the very backbone of our community.

When I began trying to provide a genuine alternative opinion four years ago, I could not have imagined how many of you would take the time to read, to welcome my perspective and consider these diatribes for what they are – and what they are not.

Thanks to your engagement, this blog continues to open doors and influence opinion – and I’ve had the opportunity to meet so many wonderful people – including a few of our “movers & shakers,” some of whom still have the humility and sense of humor to laugh at themselves and our situation.

Invariably, whenever I meet people who are familiar with Barker’s View, including those in powerful public positions who I frequently write about – they are incredibly kind to me – and take the time to offer their own unique opinions of the issues, point out where we differ or agree and provide constructive criticism for the blog.

So, it is appropriate that as we start a new decade, we recognize those who have impacted our civic lives – positively or negatively – in a significant way over the past year.

The problem with lists is you will invariably miss someone important – and if I have overlooked your contribution, please forgive me.  It was not intentional.

While this Honor Roll isn’t all inclusive, it begins and ends with YOU – those who read, contribute, opine, comment, argue, agree, disagree, disparage, elevate, share, find solutions, think deeply, offer criticism, offer hope, offer a word of encouragement – political allies and foes alike – especially the one’s who “get it,” and can still be my friend when the debate is over.

All of you.

But most of all, the faithful readers of Barker’s View – the independent thinkers who analyze and contemplate my often warped thoughts on the issues and newsmakers of the day – often vehemently disagreeing with my assertions – and use these screeds to continue a larger discussion in the community, an important exercise that can lead to new ideas and solutions to the myriad problems we face.

With over 382,000 page views since our inception – including readers from 81 countries from around the globe in 2019 alone – I couldn’t possibly know everyone who regularly accesses this site, but it is important to me that you know how much I appreciate your interest.

Whether you hate everything I stand for – or support an alternative point of view in a place that desperately needs someone to question the status quo – I am forever thankful for your attention, insight and critique.

You are making a difference in our beautiful community.

The only thing I can promise you is that, in the coming year, I’ll be here, watching from the cheap seats – a rheumy-eyed witness to the machinations of our local governments – providing you, the devoted members of the Barker’s View Tribe, with my jaded opinions and skewed perspective on the issues of the day.

As always, I appreciate your taking the time to read and consider.

And for your support and friendship.

That’s all for me – here’s wishing everyone a very happy, healthy and prosperous New Year!

2019 Barker’s View Honor Roll

Patti Barker

Ed Kelley

Ben Johnson

Billie Wheeler

Deb Denys

Rev. Fred Lowry

Heather Post

Barb Girtman

Governor Ron DeSantis

The Daytona Beach News-Journal

Mayor Bill Partington

Dwight Selbey

Troy Kent

Susan Persis

Rob Littleton

George Recktenwald

Travis Hudson

Mayor Chris Via

CiCi and J. Hyatt Brown

Deltona City Commission

City of Holly Hill

Sheriff Michael Chitwood

Josh Vedder

Jane Shang

Scott Markham

Kelly Joyce Schulz

David Isenberg

Hubert Grimes

Mark Harper

Joe Petrock

Mori & Forough Hossieni

Dr. Kent Sharples

Hon. Chris Miller

Maryam Ghyabi

Jenny Nazak

Harvey Morse

Bethune Cookman University

Big John

John Penny

Jane Glover

Greg Akin

Ginny Maccio

Volusia CEO Business Alliance

Dana McCool

Elaine Barnicle

David Simmons

Marilyn Stumpf

Jim Chisholm

John Miklos

Chris Nabicht

Kelly McGee

Steve Ridder

Ryan Ridder

Florida Legislature

Mayor Derrick Henry

Ruben Colon

Carl Persis

Sophie’s Circle Dog Rescue

Tom A. Wright

Clayton Park

Cyndi Ritchey

Paul Renner

Don Shinnamon

Sheriff Rick Staly

Dan Eckert

Mayor Bill Hall

Pat Rice

Mike Scudiero

Tom Leek

Tony Ledbetter

Dana Paige-Pender

Roundtable of Elected Officials

Elizabeth Fetterhoff

Stetson University

Chief Craig Capri

David Santiago

Richard Myers

Bob Davis

Evelyn Fine

Brown & Brown

Mayor Heidi Herzberg

Clay Ervin

Hope Place

Dustin Wyatt

Tim Curtis

Mike Springer

Ida Wright

Linda Cuthbert

Jamie Haynes

Minto Communities

Volusia Building Industry Association

Rob Merrell

P&S Paving

Robert Giebel

Root Family Foundation

Eileen Zaffiro-Kean

Jimmy Buffett

Jewish Federation

Consolidated-Tomoka Land Company

Deltona Strong

L. Gale Lemerand


Jeff Feasel

Dan Ryan

Volusia Issues

ICI Homes

Bellaire Community Group

Eddie Hennessey

Steve Koenig

Riverside Conservancy

Volusia County Government Forum

James S. Purdy

Lisa Lewis

Hard Rock Daytona


Larry Bartlett

Rev. Kathy Tew-Ricky

First Step Shelter

FREE Daytona Beach

Tanger Outlets

Dinah Voyles-Pulver

Foundation Risk Partners

Daytona Tortugas

The Civitas Project

Deltona – A City on the Move?

Volusia Politics

Larry Arrington

Joe Forte

Steve Vancore

Joe Yarbrough

Volusia County Schools

Glenn & Connie Ritchey

Daytona Beach Regional Chamber

Jerry Cameron

Security First Insurance

Dr. Sandford Kinne III

Bob Lloyd

Arthur J. Byrnes

Jameson Distillery

Libby Ann Higbee

Elaine Stewart

Anne Ruby

Bryon White

Karen Jans

Kevin Wallace

Babe’s Blue Room

Weegie Kuendig

Amy Pyle

Greg “F-ing” Smith

Krista Dowling Goodrich

Roland Via

Joe Hannoush

Ormond Einsteins

Marc Bernier

Jim Cameron

Norma Bland

Randy Dye

Dan Merrithew

Frank Fabrizio

Lodging & Hospitality Association of Volusia

Ormond Issues

Helping Hands Through Arts

Frank Van Pelt

France Family

Joyce Cusack

Debbie Darino & Justice for Ponce

Tony Grippa

Jeff Brower

Linda Williams

Sheila Hancock

Keith Chester

Barry Chantler

Ron Wright

Paul Rice

W. R. Dalla Rosa

Daytona International Speedway

Elizabeth Albert

Martin J. Favis

Tom Russell

Pat Northey

County of Volusia

Eric & Vanessa Lewis

Mayor Russ Owen

Mark Watts

Chief Stephen Aldrich

GateHouse Media

Volusia County Voters

Michael Booker

St. John’s River Water Management District

Mark Geallis

Nancy and Lowell Lohman

Rainer and Julie Martens

E. LaBrent Chrite

Theresa Doan

Jim Dinneen

Rob Gilliland

Kevin Bowler

Charlie Lydecker

The Sheltering Tree

One Daytona

William Jones, Jr.

North Turn Beach Bar & Grille

Jason Davis

Stephan Dembinsky

George Anderson

Tito’s Vodka

Clay Henderson

The West Volusia Beacon

Rev. Ronald Durham

Daytona International Airport

James Pericola

West Volusia Hospital Authority

Brian Soukup

Ken Strickland

Halifax Health

Gary Conroy

Derek Catron

Sandi Snodgrass

Jayson Meyer

Quanita May

Claire Metz

Deputy Frank Scofield

Rick Karl

Gloria Max

Rep. Michael Waltz

Mainland High School

Coach Morris Small, Jr.


John Albright

Cassidy Alexander

Roy Johnson

Joe Pozzo

First Step Shelter Board

Robin Hanger

Sons of the Beach

Daytona Beach Police Department

Chief James Bland

Ed Connor

Synergy Billing

Nancy Keefer


Chuck Duva, M.D.

Sen. Rick Scott

Taxpayers of Volusia County


Saralee Morrissey

Tom and Kayti Caffrey

Krys Fluker

Colleen & Rob Corrozza

Paul Zimmerman

Tim Egnor

Penny Currie

Jane Bloom

Sonya Wiles

Doug Quartier

Volusia County Sheriff’s Office

Bill Bernardo

Reed Berger

Casmira Harrison

Daytona State College

Catholic Charities

Kurt Ardaman

Bill Milano

Bob Jagger

Gina and Dan Farmer

Chase Tramont

Rep. Bill Posey

Spencer Stratton Hathaway

Judy Rock Bergevine

John Danio

Rhonda and Walter Glasnak

Lori Campbell Baker

Jamie Seaman

Tanner Andrews

Mike Panaggio


Mary Synk

City of DeBary

Ormond-by-the-Sea Association


Ted Doran

Joyce Shanahan

R. J. Larizza

Victoria Fahlberg

Team Volusia

Glenn Ring

Nick Conte

Daytona Beach Convention & Visitors Bureau

Josh Wagner

Jonathan Edwards

Paula Reed

Matt Metz

Patrick Gavin

Betty Goodman

Flagler County Sheriff’s Office

Dr. Ronald Fritz

Ruth Trager

Jeaneen Witt

Shelley Szafraniec

Rose Schuhmacher

James D. Sass

Robert Sprouse

Elliott Hagood

Michael Mc Bride

Bill Partington II

Linda Ann Brownlee

Henry Wolfond

Aaron Delgado

Mark Lane

Larry Steele

David Lamotte

Alexey Lysich

Keith Norden

Dannette Henry

Claudia Archer

Jason Greene

Tony Walsh

Julie Sipes

Stan Schmidt

Ray Hill

Kevin Gelnaw

Edward Gist

Linda Gatewood

Alicia Page

Nancy Epps

Liz Wade

Michael L. Young

Ted Hordecky

Iron Head

Claudia Vanderhorst

Sandra Walters

Zetta Baker

Liz Murdoch

Paul Skinner

Thomas Akin, Sr.

Sam Bell

Ron Andersen

Julie Hart Lantier

Christina Gerson

Katherine Wanamaker

Sandy Walters

Frank Sawyer

Psycho Magnet

Diane Reynolds

Niki Yanakou

Lori Bennett

Yogi Martin

Gary Mostert

Billie Barker

Barry du Moulin

Barb Shepherd

Gus Massfeller

Robin Michaels

Charles Pickens

Michael Harley

Joel Paige

Laurel Foley

Chris Belflower

Dawn Starr

Kat Brown

Jared Crawford

Sherry Purdy

Phyllis C. Hogan

Chuck Siple

Mark Annitto

Susan Barrie

Jeffery P. Terzini

Suzanne Scheiber

Brian Smith

Sandy Coffman

Linda Parkin

“T” & Bill Lawson

Don Bok

Melissa Lammers

Linda Leary

Al Smith

Eric Breitenbach

Beth and Jim Legary

Ron Martin

Rob Hougham

Robert Augusto

John Lawrence

Maritza Avila-Vazquez

Deana Sallee

Victor Ramos

Jeff White

Dr. John Hill

Linda Smiley

Rich Waters

Lisa Martin

Kayleen Garcia

Noreen Morris

Cheryl Reed

Andy Grosso

Rob Bridger

John Difiore

Kevin Callahan

Jerry Ficco

James Alford

Don Burnette

Loren King

Bob Apgar

Diane Clow

Pete Lynch


Pam Lawler

Anita Bradford

Dan Luby

Pat Katzenstein

Dr. Fred Costello

Dave Seyse

Richard Kane

Mike Denis

William Sell

Linda White

Karen Waters

Robert D. McFall

Sherry Huskey-Hopson

Fredrik Coulter

Steve Weaver

Kevin Duffy

Bill Barber

Michael Pleus

Steve Thomas

Dorothy A. Fogg

Jim Fogg

Leo J. Vidal

Bill Boots Bouthillette

Noel Bickford

Dayle Whitman

Roberta Richardson

Vicky Jackson

Alycia Severson

Joe Balona

John and Sue Lyle Reynolds

Ruth Norman

Dede Siebenaler

Luke Zona

Judge David Hood

Katherine Hurst Miller

Linda Morse Dixon

Volusia School Parents Forum

Greg Gimbert

Ted Teschner

Randy Cadenhead

Bud Baldwin

Katy Kustura

Robert Stolpmann


Michael J. Arminio

Richard Waters

Jack Jarrell

Ormond Beach Observer

City of Flagler Beach

Volusia County Deputies Association

Frank Thomas Graham

Volusia County School Forum

All who contribute and wish to remain nameless


Well, you know who you are. . .







11 thoughts on “Barker’s View Honor Roll 2019

  1. I am honored to be named on the Barkersview Honor Roll. May the new decade provide all of us with the gifts of insight and wisdom flavored with a little BS and served with a side dish of wit. Thank you for being the catalyst for our thinking processes as well as a source of some good ol’ fashioned discord. It’s been a long time since Holly Hill PD and the 345th MP Company – who knew we would all end up like this? Kevin


  2. Happy Ney Year to you and yours! Your willing, on point candor has illuminated so many, who may have walked passed an issue hoping “it’s going to be alright”. But now, stop to take a 2nd and 3rd look to educate themselves – more than ever before, because of your efforts to pull back the veneer. Thank you again, and for the Honor Roll placement.


  3. Mark,Thank you for sharing your wisdom, candor and fact based knowledge of Volusia County’s state of affairs.I have noticed, the New Smyrna Beach development explosion impact has not been included in the scope of your eagle eye assessments.May I inquire as to why?I look forward to hearing from you.Happy 2020!Claudia Vanderhorst562 Aeolian Dr.NSBSent from my Verizon, Samsung Galaxy smartphone


  4. I’m honored to have made your list! I love your blog and it’s always on point! I’m signed up at work and you liked my handle (psychomagnet) & you included that but I’m Lori Bennett so I’m on there twice (double trouble-that’s me!) Thanks for sharing your awesome views-they make my day every time I read them! A very happy healthy & prosperous 2020 to you and yours!!


  5. Oh dear.

    As much as I would like to feel flattered, being in the company with Ed Kelley, Deb Denys and John Miklos has me incredibly discomfited. I really want to have a good impact on our Volusia community. So I am not sure whether to feel complimented or insulted.

    Lisa Martin



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