Right Place, Wrong Time

On August 4, 2020, the Volusia County Council directed staff to “review” parking fines.

Actually, it was brought up by Councilwoman/Candidate Deb Denys during her droning comments at the end of the meeting. According to Deb, beachside residents in South New Smyrna Beach were tired of people parking on their street when visiting the beach.

Of course, Old Ed Kelley was all over it. . .

So, this week the County Attorney’s office – working under the cloak of “Thriving Communities,” “Economic & Financial Vitality,” (for who?), and “Excellence in Government,” used Ms. Denys’ request to cobble together a completely revised parking ordinance which more than doubled parking fines countywide. 


I suddenly got the queasy feeling the whole damn thing had been choreographed in advance. . . 

At Tuesday’s County Council meeting, Bill Redman, a lone homeowner who is apparently tired of beach-goers parking in front of his Bethune Beach home addressed the Council, and, suddenly, we had an all-out crisis on our hands. . . 

“The county has increased the number of ‘No Parking’ signs down through there, but it doesn’t seem to matter.  They’ll park there anyway because the statement is the fine is so small, they don’t care.”

Did I mention that Mr. Redman is a long-time government solid waste contract administrator and  consultant who, with his wife Jean, recently served as members of the “Host Committee” for an October 1st fundraiser in support of Deb Denys of Volusia County Chair

That’s in addition to the $1,000 donation Redman Consulting Group paid to Ms. Denys’ campaign on April 16, 2020. . . 

In my view, in keeping with her desire to kiss the sizeable backsides of her wealthy NSB base – or prove her willingness to bend over backwards for anyone willing to stuff cash into her campaign account – Ms. Denys did what she does best and crowed in her cartoonish “the house is afire” urgency, “We have a real issue here.  I’m going to recommend a $50 fine.”

According to Dishonest Deb’s heavy-handed mimicry of Mr. Redman, it is easier for someone to pay the current $15.00 parking fine than it is to purchase a beach access pass for $20.00. . .

Why is that?

However, when Councilwoman Heather Post tried her best to discuss the possibility of lowering the cost of beach access passes for Volusia County residents and increasing it for out-of-county visitors – our doddering fool of a lame duck County Chair, Ed Kelley, rudely shut her down – nonsensically scolding Ms. Post that her question wasn’t relative to the discussion.

Just as he did on August 4 when Ms. Post tried to seek a common sense solution to the parking/beach access problem.

In fact, Chairman Kelley went so far as to quash Ms. Post’s attempt to receive information from county staff on beach access fees – further hamstringing her ability to even discuss the issue outside some do-nothing “workshop.”   

My God. 

In typical fashion – while Dishonest Deb preened for the camera, and Old Ed gazed to the heavens, mouth agape, as though Deb’s screeching was coming from the burning bush – Councilwoman Post was essentially told to sit down and shut up while the important people discussed business.

Fortunately, Deb’s politically motivated push to punish Volusia County residents with a $50 fine at a time when a trip to the beach is all many can afford, died for lack of a second. . . 

Eventually, the majority – with Ms. Post casting the lone dissenting vote – more than doubled the cost of parking fines in Volusia County from $15.00 to $35.00 – with a shameless money-grubbing supplemental fine of $10.00, ostensibly to fund school crossing guards.

Say what?

During a global pandemic – with government-imposed mandates crushing small businesses, leaving thousands unemployed, suffering a broken unemployment system, and standing in breadlines for sustenance – what does $45.00 mean to working families in Volusia County right now? 

It means gasoline for the car, co-pays for a doctor visit for a disabled child, school lunches, the difference between nutritious food and cheaper alternatives, paying the electric bill, a seniors medication, diapers, milk, clothes, and keeping the water on, etc.

Considering that Volusia County has all but fenced off and eliminated beachside parking in places like Ormond-by-the-Sea – that can get expensive for anyone who runs afoul of this new county ordinance. 

Now, I am not suggesting that Volusia County authorities turn a blind eye toward parking violations – especially handicapped parking ordinances – and we all know how annoying it can be having some noisy family park their Vista Cruiser outside our beachfront cottage – but the timing seems wrong on this one.

Or maybe it is the perfect time if you happen to be running for Volusia County Chair and need to appear “responsive” and “effectual”?

Look, Deb’s churlish political grandstanding aside, with so many of our neighbors hurting – desperately seeking inexpensive and safe diversions for their families – perhaps we could have found a way to work cooperatively to accommodate nontraditional off-beach parking while limiting the inconvenience to those enjoying their beach homes? 

This increase isn’t just appliable to Flagler Avenue or Bethune Beach – it now extends countywide – and, despite Old Ed’s feeble-minded obstruction – the time is ripe to begin a discussion on lowering or eliminating the exorbitant fees for daily and annual beach access passes for Volusia County residents – and reversing the piss-poor beach management strategies that have gotten us all into this intractable mess.   

In my view, this latest overreach proves that Dishonest Deb Denys could give two-shits about your family or mine during this difficult time – so long as she can drum up another reason to play to her uber-wealthy base at election time.

It is time to show this arrogant blowhard the door. 

Please vote Jeff Brower for Volusia County Chair. 

Photo Credit: The Daytona Beach News-Journal

10 thoughts on “Right Place, Wrong Time

  1. Can’t Ms.Post sue him for sexual harassment being she’s the only woman that is berated by this buffoon ! He doesn’t do that crap to Billie or Ben ! Only Heather ! And the parking problem can be solved by eliminating the cost to get on the beach !

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  2. As a former member of a very elite group of lifesavers known as the “Volusia County Beach Patrol”, I am appalled by the lack of Beach management and the destruction of a natural resource that has been here for millions of years the reliance on a man made tri oval who in 100 years will be a pile of rubble when the beach will continue to have waves crashing as it has for eons.


  3. We need Jeff Brower. I pray others will realize it as well. The current “regime” sickens me with their good old boy mentality. Thank you for always publicizing what really goes on. And I’m sure there is plenty more.

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  4. John Walsh editor of Ormond Beach Observer posted his pick .Deny,Selby,Partington,Littleton,Bonarrigo who is running against Post.He just lost another reader as they wrote a story how they are going to knock down the Cassen Park bait shop and bathrooms that they lease out on a 7 year lease and are going to build a new shop with bathrooms for $47,000 design fee and an approximate $864,000 building cost.Emailed Partington and he told me in one sentence my numbers are wrong and goodbye.I got the numbers from John Walsh and his Ormond Beach Observer who supports him and all the crud that takes money from builders and the consensus is Ormond Beach is growing so eat it.Not what I moved to 5 years ago.Am 72 years old and from Brooklyn and West Palm where both areas took a dump and no where to build because lets build and it gets old like most areas south and west of Hand Ave and are now old dumps and in Florida people from the north move here and want new homes and new shopping centers like the engineered homes that have no resale and become dumps Said enough if Deny wins my wife and I will be moving further north in the woods and wont buy a Hosseini home again.Demograhics change very quick in Florida

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  5. I’ll bet that new bait and tackle shop will bring as many new visitors to Ormond Beach as the WAWA and car wash. Can’t wait to run down and pick up some worms at an expensive riverfront property. When was that discussed at a commission meeting?

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    1. Car wash and WAWA empty at 3pm today.Never saw a car come out of that car wash.Car wash on Yongue was jammed and had my car washed next to the 711 by Breakaway Trails.Rip all the trees down and payback is a beach.Keep destroying Ormond and you have payback.Hope all the politicians that let this happen read this

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  6. People who reside here should look online and see what the rest of Florida’s areas call (nickname) the Daytona, Holly Hill and Ormond Beach area. You will be astounded and shocked. The nicknames are too embarrassing and crude to note here in this piece.


    1. I think they should just put up an automatic toll booth on I-95 and I-4 for $100 and block off the exits. Just drop off yer money and wave as you go bye! See ya! 😋

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