Major Asshole for October 23, 2020

“The telescreen received and transmitted simultaneously. Any sound that Winston made, above the level of a very low whisper, would be picked up by it; moreover, so long as he remained within the field of vision which the metal plaque commanded, he could be seen as well as heard. There was of course no way of knowing whether you were being watched at any given moment.”

George Orwell, 1984

Ed Kelley – Facebook

October 21, 2020 8:42am

You may or may not see these placed at the Ormond Beach Library but they will see you! We will file charges if you are seen destroying signs.

I had not planned on publishing an Angels and Assholes this morning. 

In fact, I took a short vacation this week – a brief pause to get far away from the abject madness that has passed for a campaign season in this foul year 2020 – but sometimes the kooky acts of a King Hell Asshole simply cannot be ignored. . .   

On Wednesday, our doddering fool of a lame duck County Chair-turned-Chief Inspector of the Sign Police, Ed Kelley, posted the above threat on social media essentially detailing the surreptitious placement of motion activated-night vision capable camouflaged video cameras at the Ormond Beach Library polling place, ostensibly to catch political sign snatchers in the act. 

The fact our County Chairman – who has been extremely involved in the campaign of Dishonest Deb Denys as his preferred replacement – is running a covert private surveillance operation at a polling place should have a chilling effect on every registered voter in Volusia County. 

In fact, after Secret Agent Kelley’s snooping was brought to light – many area voters I spoke with felt truly intimidated. 

Perhaps that was Mr. Kelley’s intent?

Once I exposed the fact that people are uncomfortable having their image captured, presumably as they enter or exit the voting booth, then potentially used for nefarious purposes, Old Ed immediately started the patented Kelley Flip-Flop, quibbling about whether the cameras were placed on public property or private – then using the tyrants “only the guilty should fear my omnipresent watching eye” dictatorial excuse:

“Only those taking and destroying signs should be concerned of cameras on city property. You surely are aware of security cameras there and surrounding properties.”


Then, Mr. Kelley equivocated on whether he placed his eye in the sky on County owned property – or on adjacent private property:

“Not set up on County property! No permit required to video on public places.”

So, was Old Ed lying when he specifically said the cameras were “placed at the Ormond Beach Library,” or when he said they were not? 

What a scumbag. . .

If Chairman Kelley wants to sit his sizeable ass in the parking lot of a polling place and play security guard all night protecting Dishonest Debs goofy signs – so be it – but keep your beady eyes off me and other law abiding citizens as we engage in our most sacred democratic freedom – which should remain safe from a government surveillance operation orchestrated by some befuddled old politician with a demonstrable bias.

Look, the theft of political signs is despicable. 

Should not happen – but it does. 

In all candor, I could give two-shits about Deb Denys campaign signs – or any other candidates for that matter.

What I do care about is preserving the sanctity of the voting environment – the ability to cast my ballot free from being spied upon by some addlepated Inspector Clouseau.   

In my view, when the highest elected official in Volusia County takes it upon himself – with whatever assistance the mysterious “We” means – to set up secret video devices, spying on voters like the proverbial ‘owl in the ivy’ – casting a very wide net to capture a sneak thief while violating the already limited privacy of a polling place – it epitomizes the whale-shit level politics Mr. Kelley is infamous for. 

I wonder when Ms. Denys’ was soundly defeated by Jeff Brower in the primary if her campaign ever once considered the pasty-faced liability that has been sitting next to her on the dais for the past four years?

On Thursday morning, I filed a verbal complaint with Volusia County Supervisor of Elections Lisa Lewis. 


Because – while it is apparently legal in Florida to surreptitiously videotape voters entering and exiting a polling place (it remains illegal to photograph inside a polling place) in my view, when it is done by a sitting elected official/operative for an active political campaign, it smacks of intimidation – and demonstrates the depth to which the cheapjack politician he supports will stoop to win an election.

To her credit, Ms. Lewis and the members of her staff I spoke with could not be more helpful – or understanding – and I sincerely appreciate their efforts during this busy time.

If there is a potential positive:

Following this election, We, The Little People, of Volusia County will soon be shed of this arrogantly oppressive asshole once and for all, as Old Ed Kelley shuffles off to that fetid manure pile where washed-up political hacks go when their damage is finally done. 

What we are left with is up to us. 

In my view, Jeff “Plan B” Brower represents the kind of positive change Volusia County residents deserve. 

This truly is a match between two diametrically opposed philosophies – the difference between substantive change in Volusia County’s fiscal, environmental and civic policies – and the stagnant status quo – which always places the wants of uber-wealthy insiders over the needs of many.

Trust me.  Unlike Dishonest Deb, you will not find Jeff smooching the wrinkled backsides of well-heeled political benefactors at some lavish soiree at the Halifax Yacht Club. 

I don’t know how you and your family feel, but I plan to stand firm in my conviction that clean water, greenspace, wildlife and natural places are more important to the lives of our children and grandchildren than the overstuffed pocketbooks of uber-wealthy land speculators and the sutlers who make their living on the crumbs left in their wake.

Always more, more, more – while our clueless elected “leadership” continues, full speed ahead, with no thought (or plan) for keeping our transportation and utilities infrastructure on pace with out-of-control development from Farmton to the Flagler County line.

I believe it is time we elect strong, ethical leadership who will stop the abuse, neglect and unfair manipulation of the marketplace that has become a malignancy on many areas of the Fun Coast that has left thousands of Volusia County families living at or below the poverty level.

In my view, Jeff Brower represents the passion and positive change we desperately need in Volusia County.

Clearly, Jeff Brower cannot be bought.

He has worked diligently to identify waste and mismanagement in County government, and has served as a tireless advocate for accountability, responsive representation, and the environmental protections that have been considered a nuisance by his opponent. 

I also admire his active volunteerism and commitment to preserving our unique heritage of beach driving and access.

Most important, Jeff Brower knows that character counts.

I believe his impressive dedication to the highest ideals of the public service – ethical leadership, accessibility, and fairness – will serve the best interests of ALL citizens of Volusia County.

I strongly urge you to vote for Jeff Brower and support his bright vision for returning government to the people of Volusia County, Florida.

That’s all for me.  Have a great weekend, y’all!

10 thoughts on “Major Asshole for October 23, 2020

  1. Years ago, I worked for the county. I handed someone an envelope with a check, for someone we knew mutually, campaign to save a stamp. I had no clue that it is illegal. You cannot do things like that while working. There is even a state law. I lost my job.
    County higher ups took extra mail in ballots for the tax increase around to county offices to be handed out to employees to fill out while they were conducting business. When I first started working as an adult, a wise person told me that it’s not who you know but who you…


  2. When I saw this despicable information posted on Facebook yesterday I was horrified though not surprised. These people, and I include “her” in this, will stoop lower than whale sh$% to get their way. And then the ignoramus posts it on Facebook! Thank you for taking the time out to bring this to others attention. Is nothing sacred anymore? Good grief, when they say big brother is watching you it’s absolutely true. This entire election season sickens me. Imagine my shock and dismay when I was watching an “off” channel the other evening and there’s poor Jeff Brower being raked over the coals by the lying evil one!! To vilify a good Christian man like that made me want to leap through the TV screen. I hope others will see through the bull crap and vote for Jeff Brower. We need a breath of fresh air in Volusia County. The current stench is overwhelming.


  3. Thank God and Greyhound that useless sack of dog shit Kelley is almost out of here. Any luck at all Dumpty Deb will be right on his heels.


  4. After the posting of my videos showing evidence of Deb Denys miss-doings, they came after me. Casmira Harrison of the “Daytona beach news journal” wanted me to give her copies of my Complaints and because i did not, she texted me she will be doing a piece on me, my legal issues in south Florida etc… attacking my character as if it will change the facts of the evidence against Denys. bring it on.

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  5. Steven I dont know if you remember when Obama was running for President and there were 3 black panthers with in polling areas with billy clubs an no one did nuthin.It is called selective justice.Wish I still had the video.My entire family voted for Brower.Steven when you get time tell us about the big man and his money from Moscow,Ukraine and Moscow.Read to us the statement of a former partner of Hunter who buries the big man that 95%of Dem media boycott the story but you can read about it in the NY POST or see it on Fox.


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