It’s Great to be Home!

It’s good to travel, it’s great to be home. . . 

I’ve just returned from a much-needed few days away in Northern Virginia where a late-season snow made things interesting on Saturday – turning the beautiful rolling hills of the Old Dominion’s horse country into a frosty tableau – perfect for relaxing in front of a roaring fire with a few glasses of fine whiskey. 

 On the way home, a stop in Raleigh, North Carolina found a community in the midst of aggressive revitalization – with historic neighborhoods and former warehouse districts being transformed into affordable residential areas with a true neighborhood feel, tony shops and eateries occupying once dilapidated spaces, and a bustling downtown capitalizing on the regions “Research Triangle” designation. 

On Monday, I spent a few hours touring the area – stopping for a delicious platter of fresh oysters and good craft beer at the innovative Transfer Co. Food Hall – a market and gathering place built around an eclectic group of small restaurants housed in the 50,000 square foot former Carolina Coach Garage – a beautifully renovated space where producers, makers, vendors, restaurateurs, community members and their guests gather and connect through food.

My hope is that this space represents exactly what the City of Daytona Beach envisions for their recent acquisition of the former Corbin building on Main Street. 

This afternoon, Barker’s View joins GovStuff Live! with Big John – Volusia County’s premiere public affairs radio forum beginning at 4:00pm. 

Our guest in the 5:00 o’clock hour will be the incomparable Mike Scudiero – a long-time contributor to the Marc Bernier Show, a go-to source on local issues for The Daytona Beach News-Journal, tireless advocate for public safety practitioners, and an astute professional political consultant and influential commentator who has helped many successful candidates craft their message and navigate the intricacies of the political process to achieve their goal of public service. 

In fact, Mike is one of the smartest people I know – and while we don’t always agree – I invariably learn from his insightful take on the important issues of the day. 

You will too.

If you are interested in the ‘local stuff’ – and Mike’s insightful take on the how the political playing field is shaping up this election season – you won’t want to miss this informative and interactive forum. 

Please join us locally at 1380am The CAT, or online at (Listen Live button). 

I welcome you to join the discussion by calling us at 386-523-1380 where the irrepressible Big John – Volusia County’s foremost expert on local government and politics – welcomes your questions, observations, and “pithy comments” on the Fastest Two-Hours in Radio!

Also, our weekly installment of Angels & Assholes – my often-irreverent take on the news and newsmakers here on Florida’s fabled Fun Coast – returns to this space tomorrow morning! 

Please join us! 

One thought on “It’s Great to be Home!

  1. Was Mr. Scudiero one of the $1000 campaign contributors to Anna Handy, who was bankrolled primarily by a bunch of chiropractors unhappy with Judge Orfinger?


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