Just Resign. You Leach. . .

Sorry kids, this one is like a bone in the throat:

Debary Mayor
DeBary Mayor Clint Johnson

When I first read about DeBary Mayor Clint Johnson’s antics this summer I thought, “Hey, here’s a dude who speaks his mind, shakes things up a bit, kind of interesting.” Now, I see he’s just a common flim-flam artist who tried to ripoff a small business using his position of trust.

Apparently Johnson was wearing a shirt with the official seal of the City of DeBary when he obtained a Cannondale and riding equipment from a small bicycle shop for some half-baked personal bike ride from Tallahassee to Key West ostensibly to bring attention to bicycle trails (he rode down the west coast of the state to bring attention to trails on the east coast?)

When the trip was over – he stiffed (“Schlonged him” in the parlance of our times) the small business for the cost of the bike, etc. Only when the shop owner confronted the City of DeBary (who he was led to believe was bank rolling the Mayor’s trip) did Johnson pony-up – but failed to pay sales tax – you know, like the rest of us have to – which lends more credence to the fact Johnson used the City’s tax exempt status when he obtained the goods and services for his trip.

During over 30-years of public service I worked for a couple of dirt bags with no personal or professional ethics – so I have a pretty good idea what the citizens and employees of the City of DeBary are going through. It’s embarrassing – and it hurts everyone involved – but just like those I suffered, the light has finally been focused on this scumbag.

It’s right and good that the News-Journal expose these assholes for what they are.

The vast majority of politicians and officials I worked with through the years were some of the most honorable and giving people I have had the honor of knowing. But when elected or appointed officials misuse their powerful positions of trust they destroy public confidence in the process – and that is inexcusable.

Just resign, you leach. You blowhard. The people of DeBary deserve better.

Daytona Beach News-Journal

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