Take your punishment

Kudos to the City of Holly Hill for standing up to these bloated bastards and refusing to be extorted for $25,000 by Volusia County.

Now, they plan to punish us by shutting down Calle Grande for two months while they make $118K in repairs to the arches – which they will ultimately tear down, rather than recast (mark my words) because you don’t need historical features and community amenities as much as Jim Dinneen needs a pay raise – or more money for their cronies, tax breaks and giveaways. . .

The repair could have been made and the roadway kept open for a fraction of what you and I are paying to “renovate” the Commission Chambers ($545,000 with the work being awarded to Councilman Josh Wagner’s brother-in-law – I don’t make this shit up folks).

Just one more shining example of how petty these common assholes truly are. Make no mistake – Jim Dinneen is scolding the citizens of Holly Hill for not giving in to the County’s demand that they provide $25,000 for “flagmen” to direct traffic – something that should have been factored into the repair cost.

The County Council are like an unruly group of recalcitrant children – schoolyard bullies who consistently pick on those who cannot defend themselves. Remember this at the ballot box and let these corrupt bastards know there is some shit we won’t eat.


Calle Grande Roadwork

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