From Tragedy, Change

I would like to publicly commend the efforts of Sheriff Ben Johnson and the Volusia County Council to improve safety at the intersection of Grande Avenue and SR-44 in Deland. It is the epitome of public service to speak out and take definitive action in the interest of our collective safety and I believe the Sheriff and County Council member’s acted in that spirit yesterday.

The tragic event that took the lives of three precious children and their grandmother earlier this week is simply too difficult to comprehend.  It has affected everyone.

Like most, I’ve struggled with the shock and horror of the news, and I have come to the conclusion that there can be no consolation for the ones directly affected. I simply don’t have the capacity to understand it.

I believe now is the time for prayer and quiet contemplation of the importance of the people in our lives who truly matter – and how quickly everything can change. Very complex emotions.

As most of my friends know, I can be quick to criticize County government. But the gravity of this situation far exceeds my normal snarky remarks and ad hominem comments. There is no one to blame, and only God understands the “Why” of it.

In my view, as residents of Volusia County we owe our elected and appointed officials a debt of thanks for their efforts to correct a very dangerous situation. Perhaps in the terrible aftermath all levels of government can somehow work together to fix a transportation system that takes decades, scores of accidents, and the lives of three beautiful children to stimulate priority action and positive change.

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