Politicizing Tragedy is Reprehensible

I was glad to see the Daytona Beach News-Journal take up the issue of bureaucratic paralysis and the need for proactive, rather than reactive, measures to improve traffic safety in the aftermath of Tuesday’s tragic accident on SR-44.

However, when I reached the end of the piece I, quite simply, lost it.

At Thursday’s Volusia County Council meeting Sheriff Ben Johnson took a strong leadership role in asking the Florida Department of Transportation for emergency safety improvements to the intersection of SR-44 and Grand Avenue.

At the opposite end of the leadership spectrum, Councilman Josh Wagner – a contemptible human being who gives politicians a bad name and serves as the poster boy for why people hate attorneys – used the discussion as an opportunity to shame his constituents into supporting the now tabled local sales tax (ostensibly earmarked for roads and transportation – but more realistically to be used to fuel the bloated bureaucracy that is Volusia County government).

That’s right. Mr. Wagner had the temerity to tie this unspeakable tragedy to a blatant money-grab and in doing so he insinuates that we – you and I, taxpayers – have the blood of these victims on our hands because we are suspicious of another dubious tax initiative fostered by a toxic council that has proven to be anything but good stewards of public funds.

To call Mr. Wagner a shitheel of epic proportions somehow denigrates shitheels.

How dare he politicize this tragedy to push a failed idea – one that has already been rejected by every city in Volusia County. Is there no depth to which this asshole won’t stoop?

At first I thought Josh Wagner was just another jerk-off, small-time lawyer/politico who couldn’t get his professional act together (based, in part, on his weird and slightly uncomfortable television ad’s) but I was wrong. Josh Wagner is a true scumbag with the morals of a broke-back snake.

And let’s not forget his “good friend” Jimmy Sotolongo – you remember, Josh’s asshole buddy and common thief who is now serving eight years in Federal prison for massive mortgage fraud.

You can tell a lot about a man by the caliber of his friends. . .

In my view, his latest move is simply over-the-top.  How dare he use this tragedy as a means to a political end!  The minute Councilman Wagner formulated this stupid and insensitive thought in his mind, he exposed himself for the lowly piece of whale shit he truly is.

Resign you leach.  You have lost the moral authority to hold high public office.

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